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Just like any Pennsylvanian, I don’t back down from a tough fight.



Defending Democracy

Trump said he’d be a dictator “on day one.” Not on my watch. Count on me to defeat every attempt by extreme MAGA Republicans to undermine democracy.


Standing Up for Reproductive Freedoms

It was a dark day when five extreme Supreme Court justices overturned Roe vs. Wade. As Attorney General, I’ll always fight to protect a woman’s right to choose.



Fighting for Unions and Working People

Growing up, I worked whatever jobs I could to help my family – from umpiring Little League games, to bussing tables, to working as a janitor. As your Attorney General, I’ll come after any big corporation that tries to stick it to unions and workers.


I will beat our MAGA opponent.

I’m the only candidate who has run statewide – and I won twice – including once when Trump was on the ballot.

That’s because I have a record of standing up to bullies and delivering results in every corner of Pennsylvania.


My record as Auditor General: 

  • Took down organizations that spread harmful misinformation about abortions and ended a decades-old scam where an “abortion alternative” provider used state funds to support activities outside of Pennsylvania.

  • Cracked down on criminals and tested 97% of Pennsylvania’s untested rape kits, leading to arrests and bringing justice to survivors.

  • Protected children across Pennsylvania by bolstering support for the state’s child abuse hotline after discovering that one in every five calls was going unanswered.  

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