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My record is clear when it comes to reproductive freedom - I believe women should have complete control over the decisions they want to make with their bodies. Roe v Wade’s reversal was a dark day for women and liberty in America - I want to promote freedom, and that includes freedom of choice. As Attorney General, I will stand up to any extreme forces that try to tell people what to do with their own bodies.

As Americans, we all have a civic duty to vote in elections. This valued responsibility is what makes our country a respected democracy. As your Attorney General, I will defend every Pennsylvanian’s right to vote, make sure the vote is counted, and fight against any voter suppression. Voting should be efficient, easy, and accessible and any interference is a true violation of our natural rights.

As Attorney General, I will be your legal advocate against corporate greed. I will crack down on businesses and CEOs taking advantage of consumers and help defend workers from wage theft, stop price gouging, and close tax loopholes.

I’ll fight so that our economy works for every Pennsylvanian, no matter what they look like, where they live, or whether or not they have a college education. I’ll direct and defend smart investments to local communities, invest in apprenticeships and job training, and keep the top 1% from rigging the rules against us.

Every worker has a right to advocate for better wages, better healthcare and a better future. We need unions because there’s too much corporate power and greed holding employees hostage in the workplace. There are laws in place to protect people’s right to organize and fight for what they deserve. As Attorney General, I will make sure those laws are enforced. 

Vigilantly prosecuting hate crimes against the LGBT community and enforcing existing laws to create a safer and more inclusive Pennsylvania. Eugene will also champion inclusive policies to safeguard the rights of the LGBT community, promoting equality in law enforcement, healthcare, and education.

Student loans have continued to soar in price, making it impossible to compare today’s college price to that of 30-40 years ago. Students are graduating with incredible amounts of debt and having to take on unreasonable interest rates and payment plans. We have to hold these student debt companies accountable and make sure that all young adults can pursue higher education and afford their loans once they graduate.

Everyone should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. I will represent Pennsylvanians who are victims of deceptive policies, price gouging, or any other unethical health service practices.

Every Pennsylvanian deserves clean air and pure water, it is a constitutional right. As Attorney General, I will hold polluters accountable, fight against environmental degradation, and promote sustainable practices to combat climate change.

I believe everyone deserves a chance to succeed. As your next Attorney General, I will hold the government and our school districts accountable so that every Pennsylvania student gets an equal opportunity at a good education.

As Attorney General, I will work with law enforcement to protect our communities by investing in prevention tactics and holding those who threaten our safety accountable. I will work to restore trust between residents and local law enforcement to ensure our police can best serve and protect the Commonwealth.

States that have stronger gun laws have less gun violence which is why I support universal background checks. I will work with local and state authorities to get weapons of war off the streets and end cycles of retaliatory violence in Pennsylvanian urban communities.

As the state’s lead prosecutor, I will fight for every Pennsylvanian's rights of liberty and freedom. As your Attorney General, women will have the freedom to choose what they do with their bodies, children are free to go to school without fear, banning books is vehemently opposed, and the right to vote is fully protected. 

As Attorney General, I will take on corrupt behavior by elected and appointed officials, government employees, and those doing business with city, state, and federal government. In my previous role as Auditor General I uncovered corruption in multiple government agencies, stopping it at the source. I will always stand for what is right and work to preserve government integrity.

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