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Eugene DePasquale Wins Democratic Nomination for PA Attorney General

Eugene won by 21% in a five-candidate race*;

Showed strength across the entire state;

Called for Pennsylvanians to come together to defeat extremism


April 23, 2024

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PITTSBURGH, PA – At 9:45 tonight, Eugene DePasquale won the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania Attorney General.


The Associated Press, New York Times, and other outlets called the race for Eugene, who won by 21% of the vote in a five-candidate race, showed strength across the entire state, and called for Pennsylvanians to come together to defeat extremism.


“We won tonight because our campaign is about every Pennsylvanian,” said Eugene. “Now, it’s time to unite toward a common vision – to make democracy work for all of us, defend abortion rights so women can get the healthcare they need, and stand up to big shots and billionaires so working families can get ahead.”


Eugene continues to talk about how understanding struggle from his personal life allows him to understand the struggles of Pennsylvanians and serve them better. Eugene’s brother Anthony died from muscular dystrophy at the age of 20. This was before the Affordable Care Act, so health insurance did not cover treatment for Anthony’s muscular dystrophy, a pre-existing condition. The bills piled up even after Anthony died, and Eugene’s family worked hard to make ends meet. Eugene worked as a janitor in college to help pay the bills.


Eugene is running for Attorney General with a record of delivering results across Pennsylvania. As Auditor General, Eugene helped reduce the backlog in untested rape kits by 97%, bringing justice to victims. It was Eugene’s investigation that helped shut down Real Alternatives’ so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that misinformed women.


Eugene will face Republican Dave Sunday in the general election. According to a Sunday campaign flier, Sunday featured a 2020 election denier at his first fundraiser.


“The Attorney General is the last line of defense against MAGA extremism in Pennsylvania,” said Eugene. “Elect me as your Attorney General, and here’s my promise: wherever there’s a fight to protect freedom and make democracy work for all of us, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a fight to stand up to powerful interests and institutions, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a fight so Pennsylvanians can organize, earn a living wage, raise a family in dignity, I’ll be there.”


Eugene earned endorsements from dozens of unions, elected officials, and advocacy groups, and more including the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, Central PA Building Trades, State Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, United Rural Democrats, Moms Demand Action, Philly Neighborhood Networks, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The New Pittsburgh Courier.


Visit for more information.


* As of 9:45 PM, April 23, 2024




Just like any Pennsylvanian, Eugene doesn’t back down from a tough fight. 


Whether it’s standing up for democracy and women’s right to an abortion, taking on police bureaucracy to reduce backlogs in untested rape kits, or holding polluters accountable for dirtying our air and water, Eugene has your back.


Born and raised in the blue-collar city of Pittsburgh, Eugene knows the value of hard work, putting himself through law school at night. 


Eugene is a lifetime Democrat and principled leader who will stand up to both parties to protect Pennsylvanians. He’s earned a reputation as a transparent, independent watchdog of the taxpayer’s money.


As a former state legislator and two-term Auditor General with a record of protecting Pennsylvanians by taking on tough challenges and holding each party accountable, Eugene asks for your support in his campaign for Attorney General.


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