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Eugene DePasquale Announces Run for Attorney General to Protect Pennsylvanians


Eugene DePasquale Announces Run for Attorney General to Protect Pennsylvanians from Extremists and Criminals

Campaign Builds on DePasquale’s Record as PA’s Top Watchdog and Investigator

PITTSBURGH, PA — Eugene DePasquale today announced his campaign for Attorney General, building on his experience protecting Pennsylvanians as Auditor General – the state’s top watchdog and investigator.

“Here in Pennsylvania, too many of our rights and freedoms are under attack by extremists – from criminals and big corporations, to dishonest politicians,” said DePasquale. “I’m running for Attorney General to take my experience as a protector and watchdog to go after the criminals and extremists who are attacking Pennsylvanians’ freedoms. As Attorney General, my top priority will be protecting the people of Pennsylvania – including defending reproductive rights, making all communities safer, and safeguarding taxpayer and consumer dollars.”

DePasquale’s life has been about protecting others – whether it was caring for his younger brother with muscular dystrophy or supporting his family after his father went to jail. Elected statewide twice by the voters to be Pennsylvania’s Auditor General, DePasquale has a track record of going after criminals and extremists to protect Pennsylvanians.

About Eugene DePasquale

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Eugene DePasquale’s life has always been about protecting others – to be his brother’s keeper. His younger brother, Anthony, was born with muscular dystrophy, and DePasquale cared for him; lifting him up the bleachers each week so Anthony could still enjoy Pitt basketball games. When DePasquale was a teenager, his father returned from Vietnam, battled addiction, and ended up in prison. DePasquale worked whatever jobs he could to help his family – from umpiring Little League games, to bussing tables, to working as a janitor.

Elected by the voters two times to be Pennsylvania’s Auditor General, DePasquale served as the state’s top watchdog and investigator. He has a track record of going after criminals and extremists to protect Pennsylvanians:

  • Taking on criminals: DePasquale discovered there were 3,000 untested rape kits across Pennsylvania. On his watch, the state cleared 97% of the backlog, leading to arrests and bringing justice to survivors.

  • Combatting child abuse: DePasquale uncovered that one in every five calls to the state’s child abuse hotline were going unanswered because of inadequate staffing – putting children’s lives at risk across Pennsylvania. His investigation led to Department of Human Services (DHS) officials taking several actions to address major problems cited in the audit, including increasing staffing, improving responsiveness, and reducing wait times.

  • Fighting for women’s rights: DePasquale investigated a network of so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” – organizations that claim to help women but spread misinformation about abortions. His office found that the group was abusing Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars and ended a decades-old scam where an “abortion alternative” provider used state funds to support activities outside of Pennsylvania.

  • Rooting out corrupt public officials & saving taxpayer and consumer dollars: DePasquale’s investigation of the Scranton School District led to the arrest and prosecution by then-Attorney General Josh Shapiro of a district employee who was illegally steering taxpayer dollars to his own auto-body shop.

As Attorney General, DePasquale will use his experience as a protector and watchdog to go after the criminals and extremists who are attacking Pennsylvanians’ freedoms. He will defend women’s reproductive freedoms, safeguard taxpayer dollars, protect seniors from scams, make all communities safer – from violent and property crime to gun violence prevention – and take on corrupt public officials and powerful institutions.

What Leaders Are Saying About DePasquale’s Record Protecting Pennsylvanians

Scranton Mayor Paige Cognetti: “When Eugene sees a problem, he tackles it with a focus like none other. As Attorney General, Eugene will be tenacious in addressing crime, from violence on our streets, to corporate abuse of consumers, to government corruption. Eugene is who you want on your side.”

Pennsylvania State Senator Wayne Fontana: “Eugene is a dedicated public servant who has always prioritized protecting the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. His efforts as our Auditor General included helping to better protect children who were victims of abuse and drastically reducing the backlog in untested rape kits. Eugene is accountable, fair and transparent, and will bring those qualities with him every day as our commonwealth's Attorney General.”

City of York School Board Director & PA Democratic State Committee Member Lisa Kennedy: “When I hear the words team, determined, and rigorous, I think of Eugene DePasquale. Our community and our state have benefited from the enormous gifts of service and time he has devoted to Pennsylvania. As a mother, grandmother and school board member, I know Eugene will make our schools safer. His work chairing the school safety task force is the road map. I humbly support Eugene DePasquale.”

Clarion School Board Member and County Commissioner Nominee Braxton White: “Eugene DePasquale will be an Attorney General for all of Pennsylvania. We need an Attorney General who understands what the opioid epidemic has done and continues to do to our communities in rural Pennsylvania. We need someone who has a record of showing up and standing up for places like mine. That person is Eugene.”

Central Pennsylvania Advocate and Sexual Assault Survivor Samantha Fullam: “Eugene's efforts with the sexual assault kit act and the work that he did to drastically reduce the rape kit backlog in Pennsylvania as Auditor General show he would be a great fit as the next Attorney General. As a survivor of sexual assault, I believe we need someone in this role who can build on the work Governor Shapiro has done to bring justice to survivors.”

Watch DePasquale’s campaign introduction video here.

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